I UK [sprɪŋ] / US noun
Word forms "spring":
singular spring plural springs
a) [countable/uncountable] the season of the year between winter and summer

early/late spring

last/this/next spring

in (the) spring:

The garden is so beautiful in spring.

b) [only before noun] happening in spring, or relating to spring

spring festivals/flowers/sunshine

2) [countable] water that flows up from under the ground and forms a small stream or pool

water from a natural spring

a) [countable] a long thin piece of metal in the shape of a coil that quickly gets its original shape again after you stop stretching it

Cheaper mattresses have springs that link together.

b) [uncountable] the ability of something to get its original shape again after you stop stretching it
4) [countable] a quick jump forward or up

II UK [sprɪŋ] / US verb [intransitive]
Word forms "spring":
present tense I/you/we/they spring he/she/it springs present participle springing past tense sprang UK [spræŋ] / US past participle sprung UK [sprʌŋ] / US
1) mainly literary to jump or move in a particular direction, quickly and with a lot of energy

The young man turned to hit him, but Corbett sprang back.

spring to your feet (= stand up quickly):

Roberts kept springing to his feet to shout at the referee.

a) used for saying that something is done quickly and with energy or force
spring into action/motion:

"Let's get going," my father cried, springing into action.

spring to someone's defence/aid/assistance:

"She was just trying to help!" said Eric, springing to her defence.

b) used about objects that open or move quickly and with a lot of energy

The door sprang open, and Jeremy appeared.

2) to happen or appear somewhere suddenly or unexpectedly

Tears sprang to his eyes as he thought of Helen.

As they drove further down the road, two old barns sprang into view.

spring into existence/being:

A powerful underground movement sprang into existence, led by the Socialists.

Phrasal verbs:
mind I

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